A downloadable game for Windows


The amazing twelfth adventure of Hercules in which he will have to defeat the feared Cerberus, but first he will have to be able to find him and equip himself for the battle.


-Space for jump

-W/A/S/D to move Hercules

- mouse to move camera

-ESC to return in menu

During the battle you have 10 seconds before Cerbero attacs. In this time you can decide between attack or defense, then Cerbero will attack you!

How to play 

The ultimate goal of the game is to succeed in defeating the terrible three-headed dog: Cerberus!
But first our character will have to face two other challenges:
1) The collection of the 12 coins on the island to be given to Charon to be transported to the castle of Hades
2) The collection of weapons and potions within the castle of Hades to be used during the battle


The game was created for the Virtual Reality course of the Politecnico di Torino by five students:

Alice Amato

Ernesta d'Agostino

Natalia Lanza 

Stefano Littardi

Luca Piano

Politecnico of Turin


BuildLaDodicesimaFaticaDiErcole.zip 103 MB